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Do young people need more financial education?

Financial knowledge and awareness can affect countless aspects of our lives, from being able to budget for our weekly food shop and pay bills, to meeting our mortgage payments and having enough money to live off during retirement. So why are so few people receiving proper guidance and education on how to manage their finances? …

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Does Optimism Really Matter

Does ‘Optimism’ Really Matter?

If your glass is by nature half-empty, you didn’t need to look far for confirmatory information last month. Energy bills were going up – and are set to rise even further in October. Inflation was up again – with grocery inflation hitting its highest level for 13 years, And, of course, the National Insurance rises …

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What is a Trust

What is a Trust and Would it be Good for Me?

If you have assets such as land, property, cars, money and investments, you’ll want to be sure they go to your chosen beneficiaries in the future. That way you can be sure that your loved ones have financial stability in the future and that you’ve left them a meaningful legacy. But hang on, doesn’t that …

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The Subscription Scam

The Subscription Scam

The UK seems to be moving inexorably towards becoming a subscription economy. It is now estimated that 65-70% of UK households are signed up to one or more subscription services, with figures from Barclaycard suggesting that the subscription economy is worth £323m a year. Whether it’s Netflix or Spotify, coffee, razor blades or fresh fruit …

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Poor Lady

It’s Unfair! But how Unfair?

It is now a well-documented fact that the pandemic was good for billionaires. According to Oxfam’s annual report on global inequality – always released to coincide with the World Economic Forum in Davos – the pandemic saw a new billionaire created every day. The world’s ten richest men more than doubled their collective wealth between …

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You’ve Made the Taxman a Millionaire

Publisher, entrepreneur and diplomat, Benjamin Franklin was almost certainly the most-quoted figure of his generation. He is popularly credited with ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ and, in Advice to a Young Tradesman, Franklin wrote, ‘Remember that time is money’. In November 1789, Franklin wrote to a friend in France: ‘Our new constitution is …

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Working From Home

It’s Work. But Not as We Knew it…

We have written previously about the changes employees want to see post-pandemic. They want a better work/life balance; they want to work for companies whose values they share – and they want their employers to recognise that it’s not just the pay packet at the end of the month. Other things are equally important.  These …

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