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Downsizing to a smaller property

Would you downsize to a smaller property?

When your children have grown up and left home, your house can suddenly feel a lot bigger and emptier. But despite there being many compelling reasons to move to a smaller property, many of us stay put. So should you be thinking about downsizing? According to a study by Zoopla, more than nine in ten …

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First Time Buyers

What will 95% mortgages mean for potential first time buyers?

At the virtual Conservative Party Conference on 6th October, Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestured towards a plan in the pipeline to introduce 95% Loan To Value mortgages in an attempt to reinvigorate home ownership and in his words, “help turn generation rent, into generation buy.” While the details of this plan remain unclear, the PM …

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Estate Agent

House prices have rebounded, but is it a “false dawn”?

At first glance, recent figures from the housing markets appear wholly positive. During July, Nationwide reported a 1.7% leap in prices. However, the country’s largest building society warned of a “false dawn” when they announced these figures. They highlighted that much of the rise can be attributed to pent up demand and people deciding they …

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Property Ladder

How to get your child on the property ladder

It’s a tough environment for first time buyers. Rising house prices and stagnant wage growth have pushed up the average age of buying a first property to 33. What’s more, first time buyers need to borrow 18 times more than those in the 1970s. Given this context, it’s unsurprising that more and more parents and …

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