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Review Your Pension

Why you need to review your pension

It’s so easy to set up a pension, set up your contributions and then basically forget about it, safe in the knowledge that your pension pot is growing every month and year. But this approach means you might miss out on opportunities to maximise your income in later life. It’s therefore a good idea to …

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Pension Contributions

Why now is the time to increase your pension contributions

When you think ahead to your retirement years, you’ll have an image in mind of you taking it easy and enjoying hobbies, holidays and precious family time, free of any financial concerns. But this doesn’t happen by itself. Securing a comfortable retirement depends on sensible and disciplined financial planning, so you have the means to …

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Fulfilling Retirement

Do you know how much income you’ll need in retirement?

We all want to look forward to a happy and fulfilling retirement, but that doesn’t happen by itself. It’s the result of careful planning and making the right decisions throughout your working life, so you can have the financial means to enjoy the lifestyle you want and deserve. But shifting economic sands and events entirely …

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Financial Market February 2024

Market Commentary February 2024

Introduction While growth has been stagnant across much of the globe in recent months, various sets of figures have suggested that the corner is finally being turned. For example, inflation is falling, and many analysts believe central banks around the world will start cutting interest rates in the near future. However, recent attacks by Houthi …

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What are we spending our money on

What are we spending our money on?

Every year, we spend our hard-earned money on all sorts of essentials and non-essentials, from food and utility bills to holidays and evenings out. So it’s interesting to observe how much people prioritise what might be termed discretionary purchases even when the economy is going through tough times and money is tight. According to data …

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Five habits for investors

5 habits that investors should adopt today

Experienced investors know that navigating the market takes time, discipline and plenty of strategic thinking. But what if you’re newly embarking on this journey and expecting quick results? Here are some essential habits that you should adopt straight away if you want to maximise your returns. Avoid short-term thinking It’s easy to react to bad …

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IHT tax receipts soar

IHT tax receipts soar – how can you reduce your payments?

Between April and November 2023, HM Revenue & Customs collected £5.2 billion in inheritance tax (IHT) payments. That’s £400 million higher than in the same period last year, according to official figures. The IHT threshold is currently £325,000, or £650,000 for a married couple. So if your estate is worth more than this amount, you …

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Market Commentary January 2024

Market Commentary January 2024

Introduction As the new year gets underway, there are positive signs that the inflation crisis around the world is finally starting to ease. But this doesn’t seem to have been accompanied by a surge in economic growth in many crucial markets. In fact, growth seems stubbornly slow in some countries. As always, let’s take a …

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Downsizing to a smaller property

Would you downsize to a smaller property?

When your children have grown up and left home, your house can suddenly feel a lot bigger and emptier. But despite there being many compelling reasons to move to a smaller property, many of us stay put. So should you be thinking about downsizing? According to a study by Zoopla, more than nine in ten …

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Family Savings Advice

Savers are missing out on free money

What do you do with your monthly earnings when they land? Do you leave all the money sitting in your current account? Or do you invest some elsewhere, so you can make your money work hard for you and maximise your returns? Well, a new survey by the Building Societies Association (BSA) reveals that many …

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